MGP Ltd announces the launch of Specialised Commissioning: a new quarterly journal that promotes excellence in specialised healthcare

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Specialised Commissioning November 201714 November 2017—MGP Ltd, a UK-based healthcare media company, is delighted to announce the launch of Specialised Commissioning: a new quarterly journal for healthcare professionals, directors, and managers who have a role or interest in specialised commissioning.

Mike Ringe, NHS Engagement Partner (London) and Specialised Commissioning Lead at ABPI recently said of the new journal: ‘The ABPI welcomes the timely launch of Specialised Commissioning and hopes that it will become a real catalyst for stimulating debate.

Specialised Commissioning aims to:

  • showcase innovation and best practice
  • provide updates on guidance and policies from NHS England, NICE, and other professional bodies
  • share learning from pioneering new models of care
  • feature insights from all interested parties—including healthcare professionals, commissioners, patient groups, charities, and the pharmaceutical industry.

This new journal will be delivered free of charge to an influential audience of over 4000 clinical commissioners, decision makers, healthcare professionals, medicines management pharmacists, directors, and managers.

Commenting on the launch of Specialised Commissioning, Julia Van Danzig, Editorial Director at MGP, said: ‘After all of the planning, hard work, discussion, and development, it is exciting to launch Specialised Commissioning and promote excellence in specialised healthcare. Alongside sharing best practice, we aim to stimulate debate in this evolving and complex area, and look forward to engaging with a range of different stakeholders.’

MGP is also pleased to offer a range of advertising and medical education opportunities linked to Specialised Commissioning, to reach this unique and influential audience in specialist and secondary care medicines.

To discuss these opportunities or to find out more information about Specialised Commissioning please contact Matthew Eisenstadt, Sales Director at MGP, at or on 07815 078360.


Notes for editors

If you would like an image of the new journal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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