Results from the 2017/18 NMRS survey of GPs:
  • 62% net brand reach.
  • Referred to by GPs on average over 619,190 times per edition.
  • A leading source of information on clinical guidelines.

Results from the 2017 readership survey:
  • 95% of GP respondents use Guidelines to inform treatment/management decisions for their patients.
  • 86% of respondents use Guidelines to assist with their CPD/ revalidation.
  • 69% of respondents use Guidelines in patient consultations.

Helps keep my knowledge base current and provides a useful way to review and consolidate clinical knowledge.


‘I signed up at last year’s (Primary Care and Public Health) show & I think it’s great. I regularly read the articles & collect CPD points. It’s true to say I’ve been impressed.’ – Fiona Minion, Specialist Nurse for Behaviour 

It has been really useful to pass my CSA GP exams. I’ve read them back to front basically and recommend them to my colleagues.’ – Dr Franziska Levin, GP